BetPack Analysis

Occasionally, you do not need bells, whistles, things that all sing or things that all dance. Especially when discussing attempts to gain money online. BetPack is certainly an example. When the page first loads, you may feel rather dejected. Clearly the result of some effort, it is also the product of a distinct time period. If something isn’t broken, don’t repair it. Nothing is broken, and nothing is likely to break in the near future.

In fact, the website’s evident age really works to its advantage – whomever is responsible for development has obviously focused on filling each part with lots of content, rather than letting things pile on top of them as they were knee-deep in code trying to implement a flashy animation. Instead, there are pages and pages of content to explore and begin wagering on, which is just fine with us.

BetPack Proclaim

When you initially arrive at the URL, it’s almost too much information. On the homepage, to the left, there is a panel advertising the site’s primary offering: sports betting. What an attractive proposition it looks to be! This will be discussed in further length later in the review, but suffice it to say that fans of sports ranging from the English Premier League to the NBA will not be disappointed.

Another set of options appear over the top of the screen, and it is at this point that you realize how enormous the entire thing is. We’ll be addressing them separately, but for now, imagine Sport, Virtuals, Casino, Games, and Live Dealer… you get the idea, so it’s definitely best if everyone on this side of the coin restrains their enthusiasm. It is one of the most comprehensive online casino websites we have seen in a long time. And that’s saying something given that we search these sites daily.

Enough Talk, Let’s Get to the Point

Probably best to start with what first seems to be BetPack’s primary selling feature. When you choose the Sports option at the top of the page, you will be led directly to what we call Sports Central. This is not an official phrase, but we hope it convinces you of exactly how much information is available. The daily Programme of Events dominates the majority of the main screen in this section of the website. Therefore, you may observe the most recent games that are going place right now – that is, when you look, not when we conducted the research for this evaluation. In addition, you may see the remaining game time and the probabilities for a home victory.

You may, of course, gamble farther into the future; but, not every sport can fit on this table at once, so you’ll need to utilize the panel on the left to choose which sports you want to wager on. Aside from Shove Ha’penney (unbelievably aired by ITV Yorkshire in the 1980s) and shuffleboard, the list is extensive and encompasses almost every sport imaginable; however, live updates on the daily heated competitions that take place on cruise ship decks may be asking too much.

However, we are not complaining (obviously). There’s also greyhound racing, cricket, golf, darts, boxing, baseball, NFL football, rugby league and union, tennis, hurling, snooker, motorsports, and ice hockey. You may even choose commentary services for some, adding to the impression that this website is, at the very least, quite professional and well-organized.

Then, what is the Casino about?

This question merits a respectful response. As its name suggests, the Casino section is where you may wager on casino games. This includes traditional games like as three- and five-reel and progressive slots, as well as video poker, sports poker, and other games.

As previously indicated, there is a whole area devoted to Virtuals, which are essentially virtual sports. During our testing, this section of the website performed really well in compared to others we’ve seen; you even get a panel inside a screen displaying Pro Evolution-style highlights of the games the system is creating. When there are so many genuine sports to wager on, it is unclear who would wager on virtual sports. However, there are hours of the day when no sports are taking place anywhere in the globe, or none of relevance, thus this section of the website essentially implies 24-7 sports betting activity.

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